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Films Ratings

Gigi leung is adorable, wonderful in this role and was nominted for best actress at the 19th annual hong kong film awards. The garishly psychedelic palace decor and corseted voluptuous women revealing lots of cleavage arent historically accurate, but a joy to behold. Jeon ji-hyun won best actress at the 2002 grand bell awards for this role.

Minimal lighting, brief exchanges, quiet moments, unexpressed emotions and sexual tension create believable relationships and an intriguing story. An important change came with the arrival of video in the early 1980s. Beautiful young taiwanese woman goes to hong kong to find her true love.

In (mui du du xanh lodeur de la papaye verte) with tran nu yên-khê, france & viet nam 1993 drama 144 dvd the beautiful, peaceful story of a 10-year-old peasant girl who goes to be a house servant in 1951 saigon and finds true love ten years later. The only bad thing about this film is shahrukh khan i cannot tolerate him. Jeon do-yeon (photo), lee mi-yeon, south korea 1998 drama 158 dvd in 1963, in a small rural village, a naive 17-year-old girl has a heart-wrenching crush on her 21-year-old homeroom teacher newly-arrived from seoul, but he has eyes for a colleague.

Sets, costumes and hairstyles recreate the era beautifully. Two korean men, an interpol agent and a professional assassin, simultaneously fall in love with her. While the spiteful hatsumomo mistreats her, the kind mameha helps her become a renowned geisha.

During maos cultural revolution in the early 1970s, millions of chinese teenagers were sent from the cities to remote rural areas for training. And in the 1980s, her grand niece comes to investigate the life of her great aunt, has an affair with her indian landlord and finds herself in the same predicament as her ancestress two generations earlier. A documentary on zhang yimou directing the most ambitious production of giacomo puccinis opera, a translator and a classical violinist live in the same apartment building but never meet until finally one day in the park.

Each person is symbolic of their country. In the 1930s mo, wanting to become an actress, becomes the mistress of a film investor and has a daughter, li. The pace is slow and deliberate but the film is absorbing and mesmerising. A native girl is seduced by a young indian general. He chooses alcohol, a prostitute and a life of vice.

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This site was created to help people select Asian films to see. 498 films are listed alphabetically within 9 rating categories. Use the category list below to navigate the site.

Films Ratings

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Films Ratings During the cultural revolution in china, She marries a wealthy, much older man she doesnt love. Soon after, In (mui du du xanh lodeur de la papaye verte) with tran nu yên-khê. He kidnaps her for the ransom money. Next she meets a lonely, multi-millionaire trash recycler who gets beat up by a white guy smaller than he is. Ai-ling (khan) married kung hsiang-hsi, who established the first banks in china and became finance minister of hong kong, Trying to avoid being caught by the police, she jumps out of a window and dies. Sun yat-sen, In 1999, when a vietnamese posted a picture of ho chi minh inside his store. A taiwanese couple has relocated to canada but the husband frequently travels to china for business. A shakespearean melodrama presented as a grand spectacle directed by cecil b.
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    Jeon do-yeon will break your heart. Because of the wonderful performance by shin eun-kyung, i enjoyed it. A platoon leader considers a childhood friend there his girlfriend. Amusing comedy of misunderstandings with buckets of happy tears at the end the perfect korean romantic comedy. Demille, action scenes choreographed by busby berkeley, sets and costumes designed by liberace.

    The only person to survive is the bride who goes into hiding and plots revenge for the murder of her entire family. American sailor on chinas yangtze river in 1926 just wants to be left alone, but is continually forced to get involved with, first, the bilge coolies, then the other sailors, his captain and, eventually, the political situation in china at that time. He is very protective of her and shoots arrows at anyone who touches her. Not to be missed! In (song jia huang chao) with michelle khan (yeoh), maggie cheung, vivian wu, hong kong 1996 historical drama 224 dvd fifty years of chinese history seen through the lives of the soong sisters. The carnegie hall concert version is wonderful.

    An examination of the student-led pro-democracy demonstration in tiananmen square in 1989. She reluctantly marries a nave civil servant who is unaware of her role as a ruthless gang leader. With 12a films you must be 12 or older to go and see them, unless you have an adult with you. Anyone who has been separated from someone they love will be touched by this film. The other meets a girl at an all night snack bar. Qi ke jia, a recent immigrant from china and high school senior, works three jobs and studies hard to attend prestigious hong kong university. Zhou xun (photo), china & france 2002 drama 150 dvd in 1971 china, during the cultural revolution, two university students are sent to a remote mountain mining village as part of their reeducation to purge them of their western-oriented education. She lives in the year 1979, while he lives in 2000. One day, her dying sister guilts her into promising to get married and have a baby before she dies. When the prince hesitates, she seeks the throne for herself.

    A motion picture content rating system is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance abuse, profanity, impudence or other types of mature content.

    Why we age rate films | CBBFC

    Why do we do it? All films shown in the UK need an age rating by law. What are the ratings? The BBFC rate films before they are released in cinemas.
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    Two korean men, an interpol agent and a professional assassin, simultaneously fall in love with her. Soon after, he travels thousands of miles to buy silkworm eggs in a remote mountain village in japan. The producer and his female-disguised-as-a-male protégé move in together causing the public to assume they are gay. A critically acclaimed masterpiece and box office hit. Mo gik) with cecilia cheung, chen hong, guan xiaotong (photo), china 2005 action fantasy 202 asia 142 usa dvd an epic romantic action fantasy about a beautiful princess, goofy general, evil duke, brave slave, cowardly assassin, flying goddess and effeminate king in ancient china.

    Eventually, both women fall in love with him and he falls in love with the other woman Buy now Films Ratings

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    Directed with gentle sensitivity by lee hyun-seung. San francisco chinatown nightclub owner who is in love with a sexy cabaret entertainer who is pursuing the son of a wealthy merchant who falls for the illegal immigrant at the beginning of this sentence. Outstanding performances by the entire cast which also includes vivian wu, yu feihong, irene ng, melanie chang, yi ding, vu mai and france nuyen. After her first lover leaves and the communists take over, sammi, the film, everything becomes drab and lifeless. The oldest boy takes care of the others and they all bravely do their best to survive.

    When the two try to meet, they discover that they exist 21 years apart. Biography of mahatma gandhi during the first half of the 20th century Films Ratings Buy now

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    I loved being a part of their lives. When he gets out, he goes looking for her. Absolutely fascinating portrait of japanese society during this period of history. It lies, not in your own happiness, but in thge happingess of the one you love. He goes to look for them and uncovers a secret they had hidden from him.

    He appreciates her very forward advances and finds comfort in her company but painfully withholds the truth about his condition and his love for her. Best actress at both the hong kong film awards and the hong kong film critics awards. During her trial, the murdered mans half-caste widow comes forward with an incriminating letter she is willing to sell. Sets, costumes and hairstyles recreate the era beautifully Buy Films Ratings at a discount

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    A young man finds a bouquet of flowers on his desk every morning. A willful and domineering man imposes his opinions of what is right on his wife and son making their lives miserable. In (long cheng zheng yue lung sing jing yuet) with wu chien-lien (photo), hong kong 1997 drama 136 dvd in 1910s china, a warlord slaughters a rival clan during a wedding ceremony. The screenplay, performances, action scenes, art direction, cinematography, music and feng xiaogangs direction are superb. Jeon ji-hyun (photo), south korea 2004 romantic comedy 204 dvd the touching and beautifully told love story between a ravishing young female no-fear kick-ass police officer and a meek high school teacher is ruined during the scenes of police pursuit and bloody violence Buy Online Films Ratings

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    A fascinating story, exceptional performances, beautiful visuals. While the spiteful hatsumomo mistreats her, the kind mameha helps her become a renowned geisha. Very realistic relationships between all the characters. In the first segment, sammi cheng, her dresses, apartment and the film are all beautiful and glamorous. Zhou xun won best supporting actress in the 2007 hong kong film awards.

    Faye wong is wonderful! Directed by wong kar wai. Born in 1899 to a poor family in yangzhou, pan yuliang was sold to a brothel when only 12 years old after the death of her parents. He (she) becomes a pop star. In 1930s thailand, jan daras mother dies giving birth to him. Jeon ji-hyun, probably the most gifted young actress in the world today, shines especially when expressing her sassy persona and over-the-top antics Buy Films Ratings Online at a discount

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    An exceptional production directed by zhang yimou. When the two try to meet, they discover that they exist 23 years apart. When will men learn? Giacomo puccinis opera staged by chinese movie director, zhang yimou. Best picture, directing, adapted screenplay, cinematography, film editing, sound mixing, original score, original song. Even though i saw it in mandarin without english subtitles, i liked it anyway.

    The first guy she meets is a gay cosmetologist who lets her stay with him. In 2006, premiere magazine ranked this role as the 89th greatest performance of all time. But she likes a rebellious young man from another platoon. Because is so beautiful, charming and delightful to watch, i thoroughly enjoyed this film Films Ratings For Sale

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    Lee mi-suk, jeon do-yeon, south korea 2003 drama 204 dvd in aristocratic 18th-century korea at the end of the chosun dynasty, a conniving woman asks her younger cousin, a notorious playboy, to deflower the innocent young girl who is to become her husbands concubine. In 1929 saigon, when viet nam was still a french colony, a poor french teenager from a troubled family has an illicit affair with a 32-year-old chinese man from a wealthy family. In qing dao, 15 years after being abandoned, a poor, illegitimate schoolgirl is pressured by her spoiled older half-sister to help her collect the inheritance after their wealthy father dies. Ed wu struggles with his career goals. In (mua he chieu thang dung à la verticale de lété) with tran nu yên-khê, viet nam 2000 drama 152 dvd a leisurely, close examination of the lives and relationships of three sisters during a month in present-day hanoi For Sale Films Ratings

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    A touching romance ruined by scenes of violence. He declines the opportunity to marry his long-time love because he doesnt want to impose his poverty on her. Some councils disagreed with our decision and gave the film a pg. At first, his new life is joyful but then he discovers the outside world is far more complex than he ever imagined. Zhang ziyi is radiant in her first film.

    Emmy award-winning, 14-part tv mini-series is based on paul scotts four books known as. Awarded a government scholarship to study in france. Although shes never left the boat, shes been content with her life until a good-looking young man comes aboard. In (mui du du xanh lodeur de la papaye verte) with tran nu yên-khê, france & viet nam 1993 drama 144 dvd the beautiful, peaceful story of a 10-year-old peasant girl who goes to be a house servant in 1951 saigon and finds true love ten years later Sale Films Ratings




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